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Kunti in Mahabharata: Find all detail about mahabharata Kunti!

Kunti star plus mahabharata

Pritha is another name of Kunti.she is biolocial daughter of Raja Shurasena.Kunti had a played a role as Kunti in Mahabharata(Mahabharat kunti).she is also a Krishna's paternal Aunt.Kunti Has Married To pandavs.Before kunti merried to king Pandu of Hastinapur. she Got a Karna by SuryaDev as solar deity. after that she married to pandu and bore arjuna,Bhima,yudhisthira.

After the death of pandu's she did'nt commited sati,but his other wife madri.Nakula and Sahadeva,the sons of Madri take care by kunti,and she love more than by her own sons.Kunti went to new place with her three children and Madri's two they are know as Pandavas.

Dhritarashtra Gandhari's husband was the king,Ghandhari was enjoyed the place of the queen and at same time kunti was just member of privileges, the ,other of fatherless children and a widow.power And provileges had wiped out that fact from her memory of kunti..

Shafag Naaz is Basicly from Meerut Uttar Pradesh and has a younger sister of falak naaz..Shafag naaz is play a role in Kunti(Kunti in Mahabharata) .She had done many programs in Sony Entertainment Television's Shubh Vivah and right now playing a role of kunti in Swastik Productions Mahabharata.

We are representing the information about Kunti's role and Character in mahabharat Characters.

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